Doug Row

Doug Row
Doug Row

When Doug Row isn’t working at our local heating and cooling company, Comfort Heating & Cooling, he’s working as the Project Manager at Williams Engineering Services.

To get to know Doug Row a little more, all you have to do is ask. He loves getting to know people. When I talked to him, he immediately told me how much he loves reading — especially about history.

The Row Family

Doug Row is also Jed Row’s dad. You may be wondering if there’s any conflict like ‘Who’s the boss?’ because Jed is our Service Manager, but they both seem to manage their relationship well.

‘Let’s figure it out’ describes Doug’s attitude at work. Maybe that comes from owning his own organic dairy. There are many opportunities on a farm to ‘figure it out’, and this attitude makes him a great asset to Comfort Heating & Cooling.

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