John Hamilton, HVAC Technician

John Hamilton is an HVAC Technician. He’s also a simple guy with a classic American life. After working to fix air conditioners and furnaces, he goes home to a house in Eau Claire with his wife and 2 young children.

Picture of man with his upper body in HVAC equipment, working.

We tried very hard to get a picture of John, but he works. Here you can see what happens when we try to photograph John Hamilton. His entire upper body is stuck in a cavity somewhere fixing HVAC equipment.

When he’s not working, John likes to fish and camp. He also does a bit of work on his house or the cars – nothing mechanical is off limits!

John’s outlook is simple,

‘I believe that honesty and hard work are the key to success in life.’

If you see our HVAC Technician (or his feet), be sure to say ‘hi’. Take a picture. See what happens.

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