Roland Williams, HVAC Technician

Roland Williams

Roland Williams is Ron’s oldest son. Not long after Ronnie Williams bought Comfort Heating & Cooling, he talked to his son about making this a true family business. Roland is mechanically-minded, so working as an HVAC Technician makes a lot of sense.

Lots of people like vehicles, but Roland LOVES vehicles. Ask him about engines, tires, or how his vehicle handles on a dirt road, and he’ll have a quick answer for you.

How do you challenge a person who loves all things mechanical? Now you know why Roland is learning the trade at Comfort Heating & Cooling.

Roland Williams working in HVAC.

Roland loves a mechanical challenge, just like his father. There’s something new to challenge him every day, and his father is proud to have a son in the trades.

(He also loves home design ideas like these…)

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