Aeroseal Duct Sealing

The Hidden Problem


The U.S. Dept of Energy reports that 95% of homes have leaky ductwork.

Leaky ductwork means you’re

  • Paying higher utility bills
  • Feeling too cold or too hot
  • Breathing in more allergens and dust
  • Stressing your furnace and air conditioner
  • Not getting the efficient system that you paid for

The old solutions for fixing leaky ductwork involve a lot of time and expense — hand-taping and hoping to get all of the leaks fixed.

State code requires that any ductwork in attics be professionally sealed and tested, but — if it doesn’t pass the test, you have even MORE expense uncovering the problem. Where did it leak? No one knows.


Aeroseal is NEW technology that quickly and safely seals ductwork leaks. You don’t even have to know where it’s leaking.

How does it work?

When our trained technician comes to your home, they will test to see how much air flow is being lost in your current system. Then they blow the entire system with air. Special sealant particles flow through and find the leaks — sealing them automatically.

AFTER Duct Sealing with Aeroseal

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