Air Conditioning Tips

Your home air conditioning keeps you safe from HOT AIR because Wisconsin summers can leave you sweltering.

It’s funny because for how crazy cold our winters get, our summers can leave you melting.

A home air conditioning system keeps you cool, erases humidity, and filters out all kinds of pollen (allergies!).  It is a LIFE SAVER because although I love our summers, I don’t want to melt in my living room. With all our technology, we shouldn’t have to deal with a house that’s a sauna.

air conditioning makes your family comfortable

Home Air Conditioning

• Keeps it cool
• Kicks out humidity (it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity!)
• Filters allergens

For home air conditioning start with your basic system selection, figure out the extras, then call us! 

Basic System Selection

Central Air

Central air is in most homes now. It uses the same vents as your furnace. You’ll see the air conditioner units outside the homes on little concrete pads. If you’re building a new home or remodeling your existing home, central air is the most popular way to go in Eau Claire, WI.

Mini Splits

A split system is installed in your wall – but it’s not a wall unit air conditioner. Instead, it gives heating and cooling specifically to that room. Split systems can be great if you just put on an addition, but don’t want to run extra ductwork. They’re nice, too, for cabins or offices.

woman looking at a computer

Get your gadgets!

Yes, you’ve got air conditioning, but is it also time to update your thermostat to a smart thermostat? Oh, yes! A smart thermostat saves your energy bill by lowering or raising the temp in your home depending on how you’re living.

Our programmable thermostats will help you save energy because you can turn down the system at night or while you’re away at work.

Check out our 7 Air Conditioning Tips article for more energy saving ideas.

Ok, now consider a few things you will want to discuss with your HVAC installer:

1) Do you have a room that is always too cold or too hot?
2) Have you checked out a smart thermostat?
3) Are you heating your basement? Consider zoning it separately from the main floor.

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