Mini Split A/C or Ductless A/C

Mini-split A/C is not a kindergarten gymnastics team. Ductless AC — mini split heat pumps ARE a heating and cooling system. What makes it mini?

Even central air is a split system HVAC system — because 1 part is outside and 1 part is inside. A mini-split is not central air — but it IS great for smaller spaces or cabins.

mini split

Mini-splits are electric heating and cooling which is perfect for your man cave or garage office or summer house – because you won’t have to worry about duct work. As we mentioned before, electric heat can be more expensive, so consider that and talk to your installer.

Our HVAC technicians tell me that if you have a small cabin in a remote area (hard to get propane delivered?) then perhaps a mini-split is the solution for you.

They’re called a heat pump because it pumps heat outside of (or into) your home.


Do you have a basement room that’s always cold? A mini-split system might be just what you need! No matter if you’re using it every day or if it’s just for guests – you’ll have the convenience of heat / cold whenever you want it – wherever you want it. It’s controlled right from that room, too.

mini split near room ceiling


Now you’re thinking, ‘But I have a little 3-room cabin. Will a mini-split system work?’. Yes! Mini-splits can also work with multiple rooms. For a cabin – where you won’t be using it in the dead of winter – perfect.

Many mini-split systems can handle up to 4 rooms. You’ll have 4 indoor parts and 1 outdoor compressor. You can still have your rustic wood fireplace at your cabin, but when it’s time to go to bed, your mini-split can take over.

2 people in front of a fireplace


Mini splits don’t work well with smart thermostats. Instead most come with their own remote control. They’re also something I wouldn’t consider for an entire house – unless you already have radiant-floor heating or something else that also heats your home. Mini splits would have a hard time heating an entire house in our Wisconsin winters.


Although it may feel strange to consider a box on your wall for your HVAC, you may find that once it’s installed that you don’t even see it. In fact, when I found these design photos at HGTV, I reconsidered. Mini-splits can be a great solution.

Make sure you don’t block the indoor unit with art or furniture. It needs space to work well.

Pros & Cons of a Mini-Split


  • No ductwork to install
  • Electric – no propane, no problem!
  • Easy HVAC for your new addition
  • Finally! That basement room is warm.


  • Not as design-friendly
  • Higher energy bills than central air
  • Higher cost than a window a/c unit
  • Must have regular maintenance

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