Furnace Repair Near Me

You wake up and it’s freezing INSIDE your house.

‘Furnace repair near me’ on Google — yep, me, too.

If the first thing that you do is call us, thank you!

But seriously, there are some things you can check before you call for repairs at 2 a.m. Super easy things like:

1. Check your thermostat

Check the batteries in your thermostat. If the batteries aren’t working, it’s a simple fix. (If you have an electronic display, you probably have batteries.)

Another simple fix –> check to make sure that your thermostat is set to ON or HEAT. (Even when you KNOW it’s on, check it.) I wish this weren’t a common problem, but it is.

Is your thermostat ON? Are the batteries FRESH?

2. Change Your Furnace Filter

furnace filters
Change your furnace filter!

When the temps drop in the middle of winter, we get a lot of calls for furnace repair around Eau Claire. A LOT of calls. 

When your furnace is stressed, it will break down. A clogged filter? Yes, that will do it. Changing your filter when it’s super cold is like easy insurance against furnace repair.

OR –> If you’re having problems with your furnace right now, take a look at your furnace filter. Is it grey and clogged with dust? Change your old filter with a new one and see if your problems all go away.

3. Is Your Breaker Tripped?

Finally, you may want to check to see if your breaker has tripped. If it has, your furnace won’t run. There are electrical components in your furnace — even when it’s a gas furnace, there are parts of the furnace that run on electricity.

If you turn your breaker back on and it trips again, it is time for a furnace repair call. 

If you’ve gone through our 3 Tips before you call for ‘furnace repair near me’ and are still having problems — just give us a call. 

Call us to get back to a warm winter.

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