Heated Floors and Radiant Floor Heating

Your new home could have heated floors. Read that again.

Your new home could have heated floors.


Yes, it’s true! If you’ve suffered from freezing tootsies or you’re tired of the man cave feeling like…a cave, the solution is here.

New homes in Wisconsin have cold basements — it’s like a rule or something. You can kick the cold basements, though, if you have radiant floor heating installed there.

Imagine for a minute that your basement office, family room, or disco chamber (do people still have those?) would actually be useable All Year Round. What?! ‘No!’ you say. ‘Not possible!’


Install in floor heating and your bare feet won’t know the difference between upstairs and down. You won’t get that tell-tale chill as you go downstairs – it’s all the same. Woot!


So, what do you need to know?

Heated Floors — The Details

Electric Radiant Floors

If you’ve got a remodel going on in your bathroom, you might want to install electric radiant heat under the floor tile. It would warm up the floor just in the bathroom. In that case, talk to your electrician to ensure that it’s set up right for you.

Electric is fine in a small area, but not very efficient, so it wouldn’t work well in the entire house (at least not in Wisconsin!)

Hydronic Radiant Floors

If, however, you have a new home build that you’re planning for, hold the phones! Before you do ANYTHING, decide if you want hydronic radiant floors in your basement. Why? Because, boy, howdy, do those concrete installers go fast, and your radiant floor heating would go UNDER the concrete basement floor.

But, wait! There’s more! (couldn’t resist)

You could also have in floor heat on the main floor under the tile or under the subfloor. Yes, Batman! Get out your ray gun, you are cooking with gas now!

Pros and Cons of Heated Floors


  • Great for those of us with allergies because it doesn’t stir up pollen or dust.
  • More efficient, so it will save you money on energy bills – up to 30%
  • Very even heat – no more cold spots!
  • You will feel warmer because your feet will be warm
  • Warms up cold tile and concrete


  • Needs professional installation
  • Higher cost
  • Doesn’t work as well under carpet.
  • Wood floors may have some movement because of heat.

If you’re ready to explore this great way to heat your home, contact us!

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