Home Design Ideas

Kick boring in the pants. Check out our list of home design ideas and fine tune everything in your home.

Heated shower walls? YES! No more cold tile!

We understand that you don’t have months to research a list of options, so we’ve got some easy and fun upgrades here for you. Check out our list and ask about the ones that work best for you.

Heated Floors & Walls

Yes, it’s true! If you’ve suffered from freezing tootsies or you’re tired of the man cave feeling like…a cave, the solution is here.

When I spoke with one of our technicians about heated floors, he got very excited.

Did you know that you could have heated WALLS, heated granite counter tops, and heated bathroom mirrors that never fog up? he said.

~Roland loves super cool HVAC options

News to me! Wow — it’s amazing what our crew can do. 

Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat is a great addition to your HVAC system. Put it together with an efficient central air system. You’ll be one step further to having a truly smart home.


Trane has the Nexia system which can help you control virtually everything in your home from the lights to the heat to even your security system. Contact us to see if it’s right for you.


Have you ever wished you could heat or cool one part of your home differently than the other part? Yes. Us, too. Call us to see how this home idea can work for you.

Air Filtration Systems

Allergies and air pollution of all sorts can be filtered out even more through an air filtration system. They’re surprisingly affordable, too!

You can start by just upgrading your furnace filter. Perhaps a HEPA filter is all you need. You could also decide to get a fresh air system that not only draws in fresh air year round, but also reduces odors and filters the air at the same time.

Home Humidifiers

Humidity problems lead to things like static shocks, dry skin, and even bloody noses. That’s a humidity problem! Ask us about installing a home humidifier.

Don’t be stuck with generic. If you want home design ideas or have questions about customizing your home, we’re only a phone call away. Call us today!

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