It’s hard to stop a Trane…

So, you’re thinking of getting a furnace or air conditioner (or an entire HVAC system?). A Trane might already be on your list. You’re wondering why WE install Trane, right?


To get the real inside scoop, I talked to Jed Row, our Service Manager.


Jed told me that a Trane furnace IS built to last. It’s not hype. They’ve got test labs that are BRUTAL — makes me think that they know what Eau Claire looks like in January. 

Jed knows that if he installs a Trane furnace, he can trust it to last. It’s a moment in time to choose your HVAC equipment, but that choice lasts for years and years.


Trane furnaces and air conditioners are America’s Most Trusted ® HVAC System.

Lifestory Americas Most Trusted HVAC

Trane received the highest numerical score in the proprietary Lifestory Research 2018 America’s Most Trusted® HVAC System Study. Your experiences may vary. Visit


“We need to order parts.” or worse, “We can’t get the parts for that.” — perhaps the most dreaded words you can hear when it comes time to repair your equipment. AAARrrrgh!

Am I right?

Jed tells me that’s another reason why he loves to install Trane equipment. We have a Trane dealer right in Eau Claire. They carry TONS of parts for Trane equipment. If your reliable Trane equipment did need repairs, no sweat. We call the locals.


Trane got its start right in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Sha-ZAM, Batman! Now, that’s local!

While Trane is now a world-wide company manufacturing in the United States and around the world, we love the fact that it started out right in Wisconsin.

On top of that, our supply company is local and WE are local. 😉

In today’s world, we love cranking up the quality on our equipment and our service. The brand that we install matters, just like our quality installation matters. When it comes time to choose your HVAC equipment, go for quality. Call us to install your Trane system!


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