Trevor Pecor, HVAC Technician

Trevor Pecor, HVAC Technician

Trevor Pecor knew that he wanted to work in the trades after high school. Friends and family had advised him that HVAC had a lot of opportunities, and so he enrolled at the Chippewa Valley Technical College’s HVAC program.

How did Trevor start working at Comfort Heating & Cooling?

Like a lot of hard-working folks in Wisconsin, he was helping out on a farm one day. Our Service Manager Jed Row stopped by to talk to the owner about a boiler. Trevor and Jed said ‘Hello” and Jed heard about Trevor’s enthusiasm for HVAC. That, as they say, is that – Trevor Pecor’s career with Comfort Heating & Cooling was on its way.

I asked Trevor what he does when he’s not fixing air conditioners or installing furnaces.

“I’m going to start making tobacco pipes. I found that the burl wood that they use for pipes creates a beautiful grain.”

Trevor takes hand tools and Dremel tools and carves pipes. I imagine that it’s a great way to relax after a long day at Comfort Heating & Cooling.

Welcome to the team, Trevor!

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